Education for Staff and Patients




Video:  PICC Line Placement - Mayo Clinic

Caring for Your Central Venous Catheter

Vascular Access Procedures

Technology of Flushing Vascular Access Devices

Needleless Connectors for IV Catheters

Tunneled CVC Placement (for patients)

PICCs, Ports and Lines:  Clarifying the Options

The Management of Complications in Relation to PICCs

PICCs and Midlines:  UWMC Patient Information

Central Venous Catheters - Slideshare

Central Venous Catheters Flashcards

Flushing a Peripheral IV - YouTube

PIV Line Maintenance - Slide Presentation (Indiana)

Central Venous Catheter-associated Bloodstream Infections

PICCS for Patients - UTube

Vascular Access Overview - ER

PICC Patient Education - Huntsman Cancer Institute

Pediatric Vascular Access  - Valenicia - Powerpoint

Various Discharge Instructions - WHSS

Drawing Lab Work from your PICC - Thanks to Wendy Erickson

Venous Access and Medication Administration

How to Place a Central Venous Catheter into the Internal Jugular - Video

How to Start an IV

Monthly Tips - Thanks to Mary Fox

What is a PICC?

IV Essentials -

Central Venous Access Device Teaching Handbook - Children's Memorial

Basic IV Therapy - Powerpoint

IV Therapy - Cypress College

Intravenous Therapy Teaching Video

Peripheral IV Cannulation - Slide Show

How to Use a Port-a-Cath

Slideshow:  Peripheral IV Cannulation

2001 IV Therapy Package

Slideshow: Fundamentals of IV Therapy

Slideshow:  IV Therapy:  IVF, Electrolytes, TPN

Slideshow:  Fluid and Electrolytes

Stats on Efficacy of IV Monthly Tips

IV Complications Slide Show

IV Infiltration: Not Just a Peripheral Problem

I.V. Essentials: Complications of peripheral I.V. therapy


Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter - Care at Home

PICC Lines - UK

NEJM - Peripheral Intravenous Cannulation Video

PICC Education for Pts - Ohio State

Sterile Dressing Change for PICC or Midline

Your Peripherally Inserted Catheter

PICCs and MLS for Children

PIV Chemotherapy - What You Should Know

PICC Lines (Cancer Backup)

Tips and Tricks for Pediatric IV Insertion

Pediatric PICC Line Insertion

Just the Facts - Vascular Access

Buttonhole Cannulation

PICC Home Care - NW Memorial

Vascular Access for Hemodialysis

Vascular Access Procedures

IV Therapy - Temple PPT PDF

PICC Protection in Shower - Word - PDF

Care of Your CVC

PICC lines (peripherally inserted central catheters)

Let's Talk about Periperally Inserted Central Catheters

Discharge Instructions: Changing the Dressing on Your Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter (PICC) 

Sterile Dressing Change for Picc or Midline Catheter

Pedicatric PICC Line Insertion

PICC Care at Home for Children

Caring for your PICC

Midline Catheter Information for Patients

Administering IV Therapy to Children in the Community

Intravenous Therapy - Temple College (Powerpoint)

PIVs Key Risks and Implications for Practice

Vascular Access Procedures

Vascular Access for Hemodialysis


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