Picc competencies

Hi everyone. Are there national standards and/or do your facilities have picc competencies that state the number of PICC insertions (required per clinician) in a year?

If not, do you have any thoughts on this from your experience/knowledge?

Thank you!!


There is no national standard that has been established to either indicate initial competency or to validate continued or ongoing competency. This must be established by your facility. Lynn

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Kathleen Wilson, CRNI

I have not seen any national standards, but have heard many times that a facility requires 3 - 5 successful insertions without assistance.  In my opinion, I don't think this is enough, but then is there ever enough - we run into different situations weekly and during orientation, a new inserter may not see some of what we see on an ongoing basis.  In our facility, we use 30 insertions with minimal to no assist - but like I said, it is a daily learning process.  I have been doing this for only 6 years now and I find myself learning new tips, tricks, etc. at least weekly.  I think the willingness to learn and the passion to offer the best to our clients is what makes us successful.