IV waste

In the LTC setting, how should unused prepared IV solutions be wasted?


  You will need to know what your state / location requires for disposal of medical waste. 

In  California, pouring medications down the drain is a definite no no as it can get into the environment as a pollutant. Medical waste - including all medications for destruction - are usually incenerated  using specific guidelines set forth by the State regulations for the purpose.  

The pharmacy providing the medications should be contacted for guidance.     



Ann Zonderman, BSN, JD, CRNI

Many IV medications other than chemotherapy agents are hazareous.  "Narcotics" (please learn to use "opiods" or "scheduled drugs") actually occur naturally in the human body; such as endorphins and are not on NIOSH's hazareous list.  NIOSH http://www.cdc.gov/niosh/docs/2004-165/2004-165d.html#o will get you to a sample list including antineoplastics, anti-virals, gonadatropins and more.  Better to assume anything beyond basic IV fluid has the potential to be hazardeous.

I was referring to mostly IV antiibiotics, solutions with vitamins, KCL, etc.  Nothing hazardous or a narcotic.

Are you talking about fluids with KCl or vitamins added or about narcotics or any hazardous drugs like chemotherapy? Lynn

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