How long can you leave a PICC in?

I need help for this question please....What is the lenght of time a PICC can be left in if there is no complication?Apparently the PICC lines are being pulled a liittle too soon...

your responses are greatly appreciated..

thank you....


A PICC line can be left in place as long as: 1) the patient still has IV therapy and needs reliable vascular access; 2) the PICC line is without complications, 3) the patient prefers the PICC line to other types of CVADs. If it's been longer than a year, I would really listen to the patient, especially if the PICC works for them. There is one guy on home TPN who had the same PICC line in for 7 years. His dad has spoken at AVA conferences in the past. The key is that this is what works for this young man (now nearly 30), and is the device he prefers. His father changes his PICC dressing weekly.

I had a patient who had one PICC in for 4 years. She still utilizes a PICC and prefers a PICC over a tunneled catheter for continuous morphine infusion. She has her reasons and we've discussed other options extensively, but this is what she and her husband have decided works best for her.

It's really important that we listen to our patients, but also give them "balanced" information about other options that might suit them better for their lifestyles.


We have left a PICC in about 3.5 years.   I know there are some out there that have been in longer.

But with all central line devices - they should be removed as soon as there is no need for them.